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Colossians with Jenny Voos 

Jenny has been married to Brian for 22 years and is the mother of 3 children. She works part-time as a PA, but is grateful to spend most of her time at home serving her family. Along with a special weakness for salt and vinegar chips and gourmet gummy bears, Jenny craves sunshine and power naps. Her passion is discipling her children, encouraging women to follow hard after Christ, and putting the holiness of God on display.


Colossians with Vickie Angell

Vickie has been married to Scott for 43 years. They have three sons by birth, three daughters by marriage, and seven precious grandchildren: five boys and two girls. She spent 21 years as a vocal music teacher and has always been involved in music in her church and women's bible studies. Her favorite thing to do is learn new things, which currently includes the inductive bible study method and watercolor.

Katie Musil

Walking in Wisdom: How to Discern False Teachers with Katie Musil 

False teachers rely on biblical ignorance for their messages to take root. The Colossian church was threatened by a false gospel and this workshop will focus primarily on false gospels which commonly impact women in the local church today. Join us in learning how to identify false teaching and practical ways to fight it with Bible literacy.

Katie graduated from K-State with a degree in Communication Studies and is now on staff at NorthRidge Church. She has been married to Charles for 2 years and they have a dog named Spurgeon. Katie developed a passion for biblical literacy while interning with her campus ministry. As a workshop speaker and one of our main session speakers, Katie is excited to help women meet God in His Word and respond to Him in worship.


How to Read, Interpret, & Apply the Bible with Betsy Baublitz

In this workshop, we will focus on how to read, understand, and put God’s Word into action. The goal is to equip us to open our Bibles and dig for understanding on our own before we look for help somewhere else. We will look at why each part of Read, Interpret, and Apply is important and go through practical ideas for how to do each part.

Betsy is originally from Olathe, KS and taught first grade and kindergarten for six years. She now spends her time staying at home with her one and a half year old son. Betsy grew up attending a church that focused on reading the Bible verse by verse. That experience gave her the passion to learn and study God's Word on her own.


Killing Sin Before it Kills You with Amanda Kaeb

John Owen famously said “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.” The more we know ourselves the more we know our propensity to sin. But what does it look like to kill our sin? Can we really have victory over the sin in our hearts? Using passages from Colossians, Romans, and Ephesians we will explore what it means to be ‘United with Christ’ and how that helps us in the fight against the remaining sin in the life of the believer. With the doctrine of Union with Christ as our foundation, we will see what Scriptures have to say about what the daily fight should look like. 

Amanda is a wife to Duane and mother to two spunky toddlers and a newborn (with another baby on the way!) She has been involved in a variety of ministries including international student ministries, one-to-one mentoring, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and bible study facilitation with her husband. She loves coffee, donuts, and singing from the hymnal.


Women of Prayer with Wendy Menold

The book of Colossians calls us to a steadfast life of prayer. This workshop will encourage you to utilize His Word as the most effective tool and guide for growing your personal relationship with God through prayer as worship. We hope to give you practical tips and ideas to build your personal prayer life as well as giving you confidence in corporate prayer (praying together) in our marriages, families, small groups and church body. Together we will walk through what it looks like to confidently come before the throne of grace by the glorious gift of prayer.

Wendy has been married to John for 19 years and is the mother of two teenagers. She’s also been a nurse for 19 years and is passionate about caring for her family and growing her relationship with Christ by digging into God's Word.  She serves in Children’s Ministry at NorthRidge Sabetha, desiring to share the Gospel with elementary age children and influencing them for Christ to a genuine saving faith.


What is the Gospel & How to Share It with Holly Hoppe

All of us have a story shaping our lives. If we are in Christ, we are called to live and participate in God’s story - the gospel! This is a story where God is both the author and the main actor. Amazingly, we have a role to play in God’s story too: showing others the way to Jesus. Join us in deepening your understanding of the gospel for your own life and come away with greater confidence in how to communicate it clearly to those around you. 

Holly has been married to Vince for 14 years and has four children, a boy and three girls. She worked in campus ministry with Cru for 11 years but now focuses on mom life and helping Vince plant Grace & Peace Church in Colorado Springs. She desires to know and teach the Bible and is working toward a degree from Covenant Theological Seminary. She is passionate about living in light of the gospel and helping other women do the same. 


Loving God with Our Hearts & Minds with Paul & Mandy Simpson

Jesus commanded His followers, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." Sometimes it seems more natural to love God with our hearts. Yet, we are also to love Him with our minds. In this workshop we will explore how to pursue obedience to Jesus' command in the various and unique seasons of a woman's life.

Paul and Mandy have been married for 22 years and have three wonderful daughters. They met at K-State through Christian Challenge and have both been involved in education and ministry most of their married life. Paul works in Human Resources for a local company and Mandy loves meeting with other women in discipleship ministry, and she continues to educate and tutor at home. They enjoy reading, gardening and travel.